so far in

February 22, 2009

you return to the neutrality that you felt as a child 

back then you relaxed and looked out of the window

you counted the frogs on the flowery meadow

everyday, no matter what, at least you weren’t in their way


i am looking for the better sibling who hates facesitting

the cocoa powder covers the moist wall you’re trying to lick

i lost the middle within 30 days, especially the nights 

with you and your   will   power   


be resisted    be on your way


no way out, no way in

medium bow and arrow

and wet boxer shorts (on my back, on my knees

Stuck inside, so far in i like to play this role)


you enter the door to the real mass beneath the falls

it may turn you into a perceptive troublemaker for the sake of indifference

it may make you stand up and shake a hand or two

even more than now, 


when i’m breathing in the woods


for the first time you cry out aloud, on the row boat

respectful to your shivering nudity, you need to be there all the time

for the moment, you need to be alive lying relaxed and drink treehuggers

you always longed for under 


the endless sky on the running hound


alive, you tell your best friend

which songs to play

at your funeral (we’re in the wrong band, but you

that finally made you i’ll always find flying above)


Burst into tears

under green pressure

Burst into tears

under green pressure

Burst into tears

a second before your hot head starts burning

under green pressure

it’s only for you


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