in christ in christ in christ in

January 7, 2009

i would always go dancing with you, black in black. let’s go

though i’ve always disliked predictable group behaviour, like you

don’t you, oh, don’t you?  they will smile at us, we are, we are  that kind of borrowed japanese punk couple with stars and

flashes and other body modifications inscribed all over that are so 

yesterday futuresque retrospect stolen

yesterday, yesterday, yesterday


now, let’s face it, if i meet you on the street someday 

at the harbour with those ratatata-ridiculous  politically nipple-pierced male sluts 

that denied you access to the structure, to the source socialist divine

with their recycable bottles tied around their macho waists screaming in the front row

i’ll pretend to be polite, as everyone, thanks to people, thanks to our north american circumstance context you cunt 

circumstance, circumstance, circumstance


and i won’t forget 

your privileged hockey stick boyfriend creating his piece of art-meat reversing all movement

in my ass and their ’68 tradition of androgyny, they’re fed by their fountain of peer only here, i need silence and peace from you

two, i don’t care if you party on windows 98 birthday-style in YOUR squat,

i need a 21 year-old postmodern mass cultured angelgrrrl who likes to make it squirt instead,

and sings pride, in the name of love and weed, in the name of love and weed, in the name of love and weed


you should know, in my mind, i want to bash you.

your teeth. i wouldn’t have to hear you 

articulating your perfect unison, your critical complaints. one thing is clear, you waste my precious time, i will always

hate you, hate you, hate you, oh yeah

you’re divine, demanding, divine, demanding, divine, demanding


scorpio, you’re neo, scorpio, your neo, scorpio, you’re neo

is it me and me, is it me and me, is it me and me

get out of my house and welcome someone else, now


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