December 20, 2008

i’m back at the cliff

i’m back at civil service with all the lovely creatures

i remember

her birthday was also my day, what a sign, her sigh, our saturn

my version is her version

on the 5th of december, or was it the 4th?

we were supposed to be free, 

my mandolin sang goodbye, goodbye, we’re free

while i was eating a slice of pizza


i am happy with my past

writing, my fingers are dry, six hours ahead, i am with you

the show is easy and true

most of my friends hate the word “path”

but still, i can’t help it, i’m touched

and i’m touching the pad to feel

and i’m listening to the mad world to feel

and everybody needs to quote honestly

and, please, fuck, more


i’m back fucking amsterdam

i am better off than you, you emo-asshole

big fleshlight

you and your motorbike, in need of a place to crash in france

will they never ever let you out of that cell?

it’s 2001, 2004, 2007, who cares, it’s post-millenium time

over and over again, artificial sacrifice

a time when age doesn’t matter, we’re longing

but the level is high


i only tried to discipline you

no one knew, that we were each other

and not ourselves

i fear you, your berlin, your intimate buddy

your america-leaning, your class

i’m trying to get rid of angels and alike

i’m travelling to destroy another illusion

i’m working, i’m eventually working

i miss you, 

though you were always there




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