untitled (one of my favourites)

December 7, 2008

goodbye mister mother mary

i’m only into temporary

i always used to like your essence

i always used to like your kneeling dance


masterplan is just some strategy

logics plaster your ways

i forget my mourning days

catch the metro, getting late

getting high – blood pressure


oh, autonomous only lonely creator,

you work too hard

your autonomy is distributed among us

we can feel our desire for structure

i am climbing up your walls in the park


saviour high, satisfied

penetrator, active voice

i go down on

passive choice


i need rooms and rooms and perpetual difference

getting rid of this sweaty weight

oh, these gun-like guys

oh, these gun-like guys, oh

with their cross-like toys

with their crossing toys

and their, and their, and their

their, their, their


and their everything

they’re everywhere


they’re everywhere


they’re everywhere.


(march 2008)


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