December 20, 2008

i’m back at the cliff

i’m back at civil service with all the lovely creatures

i remember

her birthday was also my day, what a sign, her sigh, our saturn

my version is her version

on the 5th of december, or was it the 4th?

we were supposed to be free, 

my mandolin sang goodbye, goodbye, we’re free

while i was eating a slice of pizza


i am happy with my past

writing, my fingers are dry, six hours ahead, i am with you

the show is easy and true

most of my friends hate the word “path”

but still, i can’t help it, i’m touched

and i’m touching the pad to feel

and i’m listening to the mad world to feel

and everybody needs to quote honestly

and, please, fuck, more


i’m back fucking amsterdam

i am better off than you, you emo-asshole

big fleshlight

you and your motorbike, in need of a place to crash in france

will they never ever let you out of that cell?

it’s 2001, 2004, 2007, who cares, it’s post-millenium time

over and over again, artificial sacrifice

a time when age doesn’t matter, we’re longing

but the level is high


i only tried to discipline you

no one knew, that we were each other

and not ourselves

i fear you, your berlin, your intimate buddy

your america-leaning, your class

i’m trying to get rid of angels and alike

i’m travelling to destroy another illusion

i’m working, i’m eventually working

i miss you, 

though you were always there




a good hiding

December 20, 2008

every new excitement


a good hiding

to be stuck in the past

put a veil over that eye


free from is free for

free from them

it seems

free for is free from

it means


this is full of blood


through the new lenses

joy and excitement

saliva is dripping inside


free from is free for

free from them

it seems

free for is free from

it means


every new excitement


a good hiding

to be stuck in the past

put a veil over that eye

holy room

December 20, 2008

today, i’m staying in to celebrate the hiding place

and dreaming about the potentially screaming riot poof

all those binary voices in my head, i’m thinking about the melting poles

in this city, blocks away from the masses and their threat,

their furry fashion, doggie coats and digestive disorders


in a holy room with a window

staring at the snowflakes 

and the orange streetlight’s shimmer

i am under currents and cars


today, the wallpaper covered by  ancient maps, is crumbling

i’m beneath the waves and leafs figuring out my cabin plans

i was lacking water when i bent down to the floor, but honestly

am i giving up the dependance for a life of sophistication?

it all falls into place, but i have to constantly ask myself in a slow pace


in a holy room with a window

voicing the vice of desk sitters

that don’t really need anyone else

i am under currents and cars

to be sonic

December 20, 2008

the soup is my emotion digitale

the poster is a window

the poster of a hero

ether is the layer that i need 

to not be laid bare as a blank canvas

to not be covered by blue grey fume and foam and skin of skimmed bloody milk

to sometimes not be green in the head


to be sonic

to be sonic

to be sonic


speaking of digital,

sometimes you start, and you continue

somewhere completely else

thinking about the yes, 

we can, if we can sell ourselves

bullshit, it’s the need to enter a room

the need to go 3-d instead and


to be sonic 

to be sonic

to be sonic


and anywhere else and nowhere else

too weak to be physical

but proud as fuck to be penetrated

to be sonic

goodbye mister mother mary

i’m only into temporary

i always used to like your essence

i always used to like your kneeling dance


masterplan is just some strategy

logics plaster your ways

i forget my mourning days

catch the metro, getting late

getting high – blood pressure


oh, autonomous only lonely creator,

you work too hard

your autonomy is distributed among us

we can feel our desire for structure

i am climbing up your walls in the park


saviour high, satisfied

penetrator, active voice

i go down on

passive choice


i need rooms and rooms and perpetual difference

getting rid of this sweaty weight

oh, these gun-like guys

oh, these gun-like guys, oh

with their cross-like toys

with their crossing toys

and their, and their, and their

their, their, their


and their everything

they’re everywhere


they’re everywhere


they’re everywhere.


(march 2008)